Welcome To

Catering Connection

We here at Catering connection, thrive on the opportunity to provide passionate and unmatched services in all aspects of Catering, Food and Themed events. Whether you like what we offer or decide to go another way, either way, we look forward to any and all opportunity to be of services.

Our Mission

Catering Connection is here to understand and deliver your perfect event. Our unique pledge means that we are here to provide you with impeccable service, sublime taste and perfect ...presentation. We hope to accomplish a business that offers fresh and quality food at affordable rates with quick service in appealing and clean surroundings. Without compromising on the taste and standard our initiative is to make our services accessible to as many people as possible whether it is for the purpose of organizing an event or serving/delivering food at offices or factories(workplaces). Our journey is to come up with innovative and up-to-date menus with focus on satisfying the taste buds of every customer

Our Vision

In the near future we see ourselves achieving the objective of being one of the prominent catering businesses throughout Pakistan, dominating in the market.

Our Approach

Our proud record of successful events, we believe that our plan of providing new and exciting standards within the catering industry will soon become reality attributable to which ...we will develop the company into being one of the prioritized catering businesses. To come up with the best quality services and facilities in the catering business to the satisfaction of every respected client. Our Reputation for providing only the best, Extreme Perfection and Personal Service is Unequaled due to our utmost devotion.

Target Achieved

By the Grace of ALLAH Almighty, we achieved another milestone in 2018, we served food to 964,000 people under Catering Connection in different sectors like Wedding Event, Hall Events, Canteens and Cafeterias.

The Beginning

Catering Connection Started In April 2018.

Our Objective

The satisfaction of clients is our utmost priority for the purpose of which we have appointed professional staff and we use only quality ingredients, due to which we believe to stand-out and recognized in the future world.

CEO Message

Catering Connection is Lahore’s premier catering company boasting excellence in quality of food, impeccable service and offering new and exciting standards within the catering industry. We have a proud record of successful events. Catering Connection holds its status and position within the catering industry because of its ability to consistently deliver excellent quality food professionally. We choose the best produce available, ensuring freshness, maximum quality and innovative menu design for the most discerning palates. We hire highly experienced and trained staff including chefs, waiters and other support staff to ensure that all your event requirements are fully met. Catering Connection kitchen team pride themselves on designing bespoke and innovative menu with a focus on delivering the best gastronomic experience for your guests.

Muhammad Awais Ahmad